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"Our members have a choice what they would like to do and there is a lot to chose from! "

Rainbow Adult Day Center is an activity based day program for mentally and physically challenged adults. We provide structured day filled with a variety of activities allowing our members to be  part of a safe and an inclusive environment. We also provide medical supervision for our members. Our facility is open Monday through Friday and our members are transported to the program by our own transport vans on scheduled days. One of the highlights for our members is being able to have three meals a day that are prepared in our kitchen. At Rainbow, we focus on making sure that all our members are part of meaningful activities and socialization throughout the day. 


"We provide strucutred, high quality and comprihensive programming and support." 

Each individual is a unique person with his/her own strengths and weaknesses. We know that this person has the potential to grow and develop. 

Each individual is approached in a holistic way. We recognize the interrelationship of the physical, social, emotional and environmental aspect of wellbeing. 

Each individual is regarded in a positive way by encouraging constructive attitudes toward self-image. We do this through restoring, maintaining and stimulating capacitates for independence in a safe environment. 

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